Large open layout galley style kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wood floors

Winter Feasting in New York City

Winter-forward residents of the Central Park luxury apartments at 800 Fifth Avenue have the best of both worlds—with sweeping views of the iconic park, dusted in snow, and spacious, state-of-the-art kitchens perfect for whipping up magnificent spreads in celebration of the holidays and a much-anticipated new year. Here are some ideas for meals aimed to inspire residents of these luxury apartments to greater culinary heights!

Every great New York feast starts with a cocktail, and this Campari and cranberry concoction is sure to be a hit. The liqueur and berry create an unforgettable combination of tartness and bitterness that presents an attractive-looking glass and “awakens the palate for whatever you’ve got cooking.” 

Appetizers are a crucial component of any meal, and residents of the luxury apartments at 800 Fifth Avenue should put their stainless-steel ovens to use with some puff pastry favorites like these figs-in-a-blanket with goat cheese and savory mushroom and Parmesan palmiers or spend just a bit more quality time whipping up some spinach and mushroom bruschetta. Then, when they’re ready for the main course, they can try this variation on chicken breast by cooking it with apple cider to create an entree that’s easy to make and sure to impress.

No food celebration should end without a dessert course, and bakers will love 800 Fifth Avenue’s spacious marble counters, which look gorgeous while serving as the ideal surfaces for measuring, pouring, and whisking. And the proof is in the sweet reward. An eclectic mingling of flavors comes to life with these butternut squash, coconut, and ginger muffins, which substitute grated carrot with butternut squash to create subtle and rich muffins. Meanwhile, this semisweet chocolate mousse takes cold-weather comfort food to a satisfying and insistent new level.

The real test of bakers is, of course, the apple pie. Here’s a simple, classic apple pie recipe that’s great for practicing the basics of this iconic baked good. When bakers have graduated from the standard pie, they should try their hand at this decadent cinnamon bun apple pie, which combines two pastry classics to create a unique twist on both flavors.

When it’s time to sit down to dinner, whether it’s a holiday or a regular cozy evening, residents at 800 Fifth Avenue can punctuate the festive winter atmosphere by serving up their delicious delicacies in their marble dining rooms, complete with spectacular Central Park views through oversized windows. And just in case it does happen to be the last day of 2020, the night might feel just right with a New Year’s toast of confetti champagne that has pop rocks as a not-so-secret ingredient. From cooking to serving to cleanup, nothing facilitates feasting quite like living at 800 Fifth Avenue. So, head to the Urbana Properties website and check availability.