Legendary Address of the City's Icons

From the "robber barons" who ruled New York’s past to today's titans of industry, culture and society, Fifth Avenue and its adjoining streets have been home to the elite of New York City from the Gilded Age right up to the present. The extravagance of "Millionaire's Row," the luxury high-rises as well as the temples of the arts comprising Museum Mile are steeped in a rich history inextricably linked to the progress and growth of this city.

B&w photo of man and woman standing on roof of the RCA building
B&w photo of Saks fifth ave and St. Patrick's Cathedral with people and cars on the street
b&w photo of exterior of The Met
b&w photo of exterior of The Plaza Hotel with some people, horse carriages and cars
b&w photo of large group of people standing and sitting outside watching fifth ave and 80th street parade
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Photos courtesy of New-York Historical Society